The IRL Paddle Adventure 2013 – Dec 1st – Dec 19th

The IRL Paddle Adventure Has Come To An End!

While the 2013 IRL Paddle Adventure may be over, we’re still trying to reach our $100,000 goal for our educational trust. Thank you to all our sponsors for your help and a huge thank you to all who have donated to our cause. Have you started planning for the 2014 IRL Paddle Adventure? We sure have!

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Recap of the 2013 IRL Paddle Adventure:

Day 19 (Dec 19): Thank you Jupiter Pointe Marine. Sleeping in is nice. See you all at the Loxahatchee River Center at 2pm for our final presentation. Day 19 and an estimated 170 miles later we have accomplished the first IRL Paddle Adventure. What a trip.

Day 18 (Dec 18): Hobe Sound Nature Center but I could easily tell you we’re on a beach in the Bahamas and you probably wouldn’t know the difference. We had some visitors tonight. Jean and Tony stopped by to hang out by the fire for a bit. Jean gave us the heads up about our place we’re calling home tonight. Jupiter Pointe Marina has kindly donated our campsite tonight and we are very thankful. Beautiful place they have here.

Day 17 (Dec 17): Lots of fishing done this day!

Day 16 (Dec 16): Today we’ve been exploring, reading, photography, fishing and relaxing. Boy Scout Island is a beautiful place.

Day 15 (Dec 15): Just outside the St Lucie Inlet. Today was a short paddle and we made it by 1pm. Sun finally came out and the fishing has been good. We’re collecting a lot of wood for what may be our biggest fire yet.

Day 14 (Dec 14): Last night we were fortunate enough to take hot showers and Mim, one of our paddlers that started two days ago picked up dinner for us. We all needed last night and are very thankful. We were also joined by Nate around the 9:00pm hour. Both Mim and Nate will be with us for the rest of the Adventure and we’re glad to have them. This morning we are relaxing until our presentation at the Florida Oceanographic Society. John Kumiski also had some spare time to write up a Second IRL Adventure Report!

Day 13 (Dec 13): Finally have some juice on the phone and we’ll be plugged in until Sunday morning thanks to the great people at River Palms Cottages and Fish Camp. This place is a slice of paradise.

Day 12 (Dec 12): Big thanks to Indian River By Air for taking some shots of us while we were in the Sebastian area. Check them out on FB. We will post more when the trip is over.

Day 11 (Dec 11): Stopped by Beegum Point to say hello to Dr. Grant Gilmore, David Cox and Julie Hanson. They are doing fish surveys in the mosquito impoundments here. Keep up the good work guys. We checked in to the fantastic beach resort and the rest of the day will be spent telling stories, catching fish and listening to the sounds of small waves breaking on the shell covered beach. Rodney’s son James has joined us with friends Max and Luke.

Day 10 (Dec 10): We’ve slept next to the water the entire time but tonight we sleep over the water. Did I mention steak for dinner? Waterfront dining at its best thanks to Chive. Check them out next time you’re in downtown Vero. Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!

Day 9 (Dec 9): The last two days tested the endurance of us all but we are safe, camped out at Long Point and eating homemade chili brought to us from Matt Conneen. Off to the Environmental Learning Center in Wabasso at first light.

Day 8 (Dec 8): John Kumiski and Rodney Smith were the first paddlers of the core group to reach the Lagoon House in Palm Bay at noon. Rodney’s 2 daughters Lauren and Alyse Smith paddled with them. Today physically tested everyone. As hard as the paddle was it was still a beautiful day on the lagoon. Lots of colorful sails cruised up and down as sailors took advantage of this Sunday weather.

Day 7 (Dec 7): John Kumiski has posted his first IRL Paddle Report and can be viewed by click here! Our restful day was greatly appreciated and the ORB Fest was awesome. Thanks to John and Sadie Baker for letting us use their dock. Off to the Lagoon House at first light.

Day 6 (Dec 6): The crew made it safe to Samsons Island in Satellite Beach and will be spending a couple of nights here. Make sure to come and say hello to everyone at the 2nd annual ORB Fest! Click here for more information on this event!

Day 5 (Dec 5): Malcolm from Florida Today caught up with us to say hi and get some shots. Thanks for the support. We saw a nice size alligator along with an otter today. Winds picked up slightly this afternoon out of the south but it was still a great day. Camp was set up at Georgiana Island.

Day 4 (Dec 4): In the morning we were honored to have Titusville Mayor Jim Tulley join us for a few miles with his escort Charles “Redfish” Chuck. We left Max Brewer Causeway this morning and are camped out on the island just outside of Manatee Cove. Tmrw we will push through the Barge Canal and into Sykes Creek to Georgian Island. Wind was slightly in our face today but it was still a beautiful day.

Day 3 (Dec 3): Day 3 in the books. Being in the backyard of NASA we were able to see the rocket go off. Huge thanks to Cptn Mark Wright for “hookin” us up with a water taxi from the island to mainland for us to enjoy hard ground and a Dixie Crossroads meal. The food at Dixie Crossroads Seafood Restaurant was amazing! If you’re in Titusville, check them out!

Day 2 (Dec 2): We have made it out of the MINWR and we are camped out on this island I’ve named Shell Beach. Today we saw eagles, wild hogs and Dee (Kaminski) caught a worthy 25″ red fish for dinner. Tonight we will share the island with hundreds of birds. Join us tmrw at Dixie Crossroads at 6pm.

Day 1 (Dec 1): Gangs all here and situated at Marker 15 and the fire is hot.

Once the sun comes up on Sunday, December 1, the paddlers will start the 150-plus mile paddle down the Indian River Lagoon.

Here’s our digital float plan (Place your mouse over the image to zoom in):

Part 1 (Dec 1 – Dec 9th)

Part 2 (Dec 9th – Dec 19th)


IRL Paddle Adventure Short Paddles
Along the way, there were be several opportunities to meet and greet the paddlers.  meanwhile, you can show your support by donating to their FirstGiving page.

You can paddle all or a portion of the IRL Paddle Adventure with us or by yourself! Click here to see the entire float plan and required liability waiver.

Here are several easy one-day paddles:

  • Haulover Canal (Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge) to Titusville
  • Samson Island (Satellite Beach) to the Lagoon House (Palm Bay, two miles south of Melbourne Causeway)
  • Lagoon House (Palm Bay, two miles south of  Melbourne Causeway) to Longpoint Camp Grounds (one mile north of Sebastian Inlet, on the IRL’s east shore)
  • Longpoint Camp Grounds (one mile north of Sebastian Inlet on the IRL’s east shore) to Environmental Learning Center, Wabasso Causeway, SR 510

Mission Statement
The mission of the 2013 Indian River Lagoon Paddle Adventure is to celebrate the greatness of the entire Indian River Lagoon by encouraging people to become active stewards of this critically important estuary.

Yes we’re tired of the negative press surrounding the Indian River Lagoon. Sure it is a fact that an oversupply of nutrients is choking the Lagoon, and there are other problems- correctable problems. We can and will fix them.

The Lagoon is a beautiful, vibrant part of our community. If we take the proper steps it will be an invaluable recreational resource for generations to come.