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Nick Colantonio’s Photos from the 2013 IRL Paddle Adventure

Third IRL Paddle Adventure Report

2013 IRL Paddle Adventure core paddler John Kumiski has once again posted a new blog entry about this great event. Click here to view it now!

Second IRL Paddle Adventure Report

John Kumiski found some spare time while at River Palm Cottages in Jensen Beach to write up a second IRL Paddle Adventure Report! Click here to view it now!

First IRL Paddle Adventure Report

John Kumiski has posted his first IRL Paddle Report and can be viewed by click here!

Paddle Exercises

Written by Rodney Smith.

I’m not one of those people who paddle for the fun of it. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate to paddle, but I usually only do it to obtain a higher objective. You can imagine my joy when I decided to dedicate three weeks to paddling the entire length of the Indian River Lagoon coast. I knew I could do it, but I was looking forward more to the overall experience: the camping, fishing (and other hunt and gather chores, like catching stone crabs or digging clams), exploring, wildlife watching, etc., that go along with a 160 mile paddle and camp along North America’s greatest and most diverse estuary.

First Aid for Paddlers

Special guest blogger Kristen Beck from the Florida Outdoor Center has a great article on First Aid for Paddlers. Click here to view it now!

The Poop-A-Seat

John Kumiski is back and is talking about the Poop-A-Seat. You can view his full entry on this product on his official blog,

How to Pack for a Florida Canoe Trip

For those of you that wish to join us on this adventure, but aren’t 100% sure how to pack for a Florida Canoe Trip, head over to John Kumiski’s personal blog on He has written a complete how-to on this subject and can be viewed by click here.