IRL Paddle Adventure 2015 – Paddle A Portion


This year we like to include as many people as possible on the Paddle Adventure. Instead of being a three week adventure down the lagoon, we’re working with local partners on a one day event along the entire length of the lagoon. From Marine Discovery Center in New Smyrna Beach to Hobe Sound we’ve set up short, one day paddle adventures for people to join. Each location may have a slightly different event but all events work towards supporting the IRL and the nonprofits that work so hard to protect it.

Being part of the IRL Paddle Adventure starts by going to our First Giving Page and registering. (Go to and search for Anglers for Conservation.) Listed you’ll find the different paddle events enrolled for November 14th. Pick the one you want to attend and sign up. There is no minimum amount needed to register but keep in mind all funds donated will goes towards helping local non-profits up and down the lagoon and AFC’s Advanced Teen Angler program, so we’re hoping that you can give a bit and maybe get a friend or two to chip in some too! If you don’t see an event in your area on First Giving but still want to paddle, sign up under Anglers Ffor Conservation’s main page. It is all about getting as many people out there as possible and supporting the health of the Indian River Lagoon.

IRL Adventure Paddlers will receive an official 2015 Paddle Sticker signifying their efforts to raise awareness of the issues concerning our lagoon in a positive and fun way.

Next year we’ll link the paddle trails together and paddlers can paddle a different portion of the lagoon eventually completing its entire length.